Arvind Rub-Web Limited


A Parallel Paradigm

The design for the Arvind Rub-Web Complex was done in two stages. Initially, the factory building was planned with two parallel staggered linear blocks to create breathing space in-between.

  • 2019

Architecture and Interiors

A perpendicular road lining the western side of the site connects the entrance gate to the building foyer, the loading/unloading area, and the canteen block. The production and assembly lines are contained in the two linear blocks. Subsequently, the second set of renovation led to designing a dynamic front façade of the building and the addition of the first floor for the admin area on the preliminary wing, overlooking the production space below.


A striking contrast in the interiors and furniture can be felt between the intrinsically designed contemporary executive area and rustic workstation zone with exposed concrete and skylights. The water body near the canteen block makes it the informal hub and the whole landscape in front regulates the microclimate.