Gelco Electronics Pvt. Limited


Bridging the spaces

Segregation of zones based on functionality and integrating them based on the flow of the manufacturing process is the primitive approach to the design of the Gelco Electronics Factory.

  • 2012


Primarily Four separate Blocks for Four Zones- Production, Assembling, Packaging and Admin, were created and zoned in the same order with admin block near the entrance with separate entry.
A straight wide road connects these buildings on the front giving that façade a linear uniform facia while the form in the rear is articulated based on the site conditions, thus utilizing the space efficiently.


All blocks are connected by a single Mild steel bridge running through-and-through on the first-floor level for accessibility and supervision and the difference in volume and interplay of closed and open spaces leaves one with a dramatic experience. The canteen and staff quarters are located on the far northern corner with an adjacent sizable open area for future development.