Jhanavi Consulting Engineers


A Class and Glass apart

This petite office interior for an engineering consulting firm was envisioned as an open design with a harmonious flow of spaces with blurred divisions. The program spans cabins, meeting rooms, support staff with ancillary spaces like pantry, store, and waiting areas in an unobstructed floorspace.

  • Ahmedabad
  • 2017


The compact planning of spaces is counterbalanced by the full height glass partitions, providing with the pros of both open and a closed space; connectivity and privacy. The glass-walled meeting rooms segregate the reception area from the private workspace and a combination of rustic open cell and patterned fiberboard false ceilings aids in altering the feel of each space.


Furniture is designed to comply with the functional requirements and the dynamic wall graphics are tied by a subtle palette of hues of grey with a swift blue highlight while the natural wood-based finishes on flooring and partitions of the meeting rooms, are contrasting yet complimenting.