Master Bedroom


Rejuvenating the Room

The interior of the master bedroom in existing palatial bungalow was to be renovated. The existing room did not suffice the spatial and functional requirements owing to its rudimentary divisions.

  • Ahmedabad
  • 2020


Hence the pragmatic maiden step was to remove the internal walls and create a single space, which was then demarcated into bedroom, dress, and toilet by translucent glass partitions, thus expanding the space visually, while still maintaining the functional boundary.
Chill wood furniture, copper ornamentation with a soothing yet eminent color palette in the interior creates a symphony in the space and this combined with Italian marble flooring gives it a quintessential outlook.


All furniture are customized to create a homogenous whole. The sliding TV which doubles to obscure the window, the delicately designed Bed with chill wood paneling and copper light shades,


Full height modular wardrobes and the Mild Steel staircase to mezzanine, together exhibits a design adhering to details.