Sandipbhai Bhanderi’s Residence


A Partitioned Whole

The interior renovation of this duplex was laid out strategically around the basic framework of the existing structure and with a conscious outward expansion of spaces in the rear, an additional bedroom, dressers, study, activity room as well as a utility area to the existing 3-bedroom dwelling was created.

  • Ahmedabad
  • 2019


The layout of the interior spaces was planned to extract maximum utility from each space. Interior zones are demarcated through glass partitions that provide the necessary privacy without compromising the openness of the space as a whole. Furniture and False Ceiling designs were given optimum attention to complement each other and the design, both aesthetically and functionally.


The puja room placed with a double headspace near the staircase mid-landing and the skylight above escalates the aura of the whole space. Prime spaces open out to the elaborate landscape on the side, thus cutting down heat, discomfort, and monotony.