Babubhai Patel’s Residence


A Pseudo Pyramid

The client’s primary criteria were to build a house that was ‘unique and unprecedented’. Thus, came the idea of a pseudo-pyramidal house- a slopped exterior, but flat roofed interiors.

  • 1997

Architecture and Interiors

This abode accommodates 5 Bedrooms along with the required Living spaces and all supporting facilities. The planning of this house is derived from a squarish base with vertical sloping fins cutting across it diagonally to form a central square living room with other functional spaces placed around it, coherently taking up the form made by the diagonals. The fins give us the mirage of a pyramid while all the spaces have flat roofs that are obscured by the fins on the sides, giving it an outlook of a Ziggurat.


The building placed on the farthest corner of the site grants a huge unobstructed open space in the front which induces privacy and a grand approach to the building.