Jasmin Shah’s Residence


A Linear League

The basic design approach is based on the interplay of three linear zones and how they interact with each other.

  • 2014

Architecture and Interiors

All the bedrooms, formal and informal living space, family space, dining, and kitchen are duly connected to a courtyard and staircase in the central zone, acting as a transitional space in this two-storied structure. The oblique approach to the building enhances the effect of perspective on the building’s front façade and form. The foyer marks the center with the living and drawing room on its either side. The drawing room next to the puja, surrounded by a water element demarcates it functionally, and this element elevates the whole front façade aesthetically.


The family room opens out into a sizable landscape in the rear. The courtyard in center provides the required light and ventilation and acts as the buffer between the private zone in the rear.