P.S. Patel Residence


The Nine Square dwelling

The primitive idea for the planning of this house was derived from the ‘nine squares’ matrixes where each space is positioned on one grid while the central square acts as the connecting space.

  • 2005

Architecture and Interiors

All the functional space in the two floors– both ground and first are confined within these nine square grids. Each space is curated according to their function and accessibility and are articulated about their grids to suit the requirements. There is a play of volumes with single and double heights within the structure which invokes fascination and provokes dynamic feelings. The central zone with an overviewing area above connects the whole space tangibly and visually.


Each zone on the edge has their connectivity to the outdoor space either through a sit-out or balcony. The whole of exterior is a formed using bold straight lines, intersecting into cubes and cuboids and this rigidity is subtly broken by circular openings on the facades.