Residence for Vallabhbhai Patel


Intertwining the In and Out

The project commenced with an idea of a house with interconnected landscapes of respective functionality for each individual space, enveloping the whole building altogether.

  • Ahmedabad
  • 2018

Architecture and Interiors

This two-tiered structure houses 6 Bedrooms, Living Spaces, Kitchen, Dining, Puja room and a basement for parking with a separate access. A central linear axis connects all the individual spaces placed symmetrically on its either side based on function and privacy, leading to sequential revealing of spaces. The staircase spirals around the lift well, connecting the two floors, also acts as a transitional space between the public and private zones. Landscape, Light and Water elements are used for enclosure, exposure and climatic comfort, intertwining the indoor and outdoor spaces with a subtle transition.


Angled and slopped Vertical Fins slices and anchors the building into separate zones, while the conscious slits and punctures made on them enacts a dynamic play of light and shade with respect to the sun movement.